Benefits of reducing Plastic Products Consumption

Reduced Carbon Di-Oxide

With global temperatures ever-rising, reducing carbon dioxide is cruci ....

Saves Marine Life

With between 10 to 20 million tons of plastic going into the ocean eve ....

Save Human Life

As plastic breaks down in the environment to create microplastics, we ....

Makes our Water Cleaner

When plastic doesn’t end up in the ocean, it usually goes into landf ....

Makes our Food Safer

We use soil and water to grow most of our food, and as more plastic ch ....

Makes our Air Safer

If polluting our food and water wasn’t enough, plastic also poisons ....

Advantages of Bamboo Products

Take the Plunge

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Take The Plunge With BAMBOO HAAT

When it comes to sustainability, small things do matter; especially when these things accumulate to make a huge difference. With the world standing on the brink of the worst human disaster in terms of Global Warming, it is inevitable that we join hands and contribute in such a way that our efforts bear fruitful results and release Mother Earth from Plastic waste in the long term.
BAMBOO HAAT, is a socially responsible initiative that aims to curtail down the use of Plastic in our daily lives. We intend to bring about a change in the way we live and thus have introduced several Biodegradable & Environment friendly products. We are confident that our little effort supported by your small contribution will go a long way in making this planet a Green Planet once again.


Number of Toothbrushes an individual uses in lifetime


Million Number of Toothbrushes sold in India per Year


Billion Number of Toothbrushes lands up in
Landfills per year


Million Tonnes of Plastic Waste generated in
India per year