Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Bristles (Pack of 2)

Bamboo Toothbrushes have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties and are bio-degradable in nature, hence are the most preferred alternative to Plastic toothbrushes. They are made from organically grown Bamboo. The most well-known benefit of a Bamboo Toothbrush is that it reduces needless waste while providing the same level of cleaning as a plastic brush.

The major advantage of Charcoal infused bristles in a Bamboo toothbrush are as follows:-

1. Absorbs Plaque - Charcoal absorbs bacteria and debris at microscopic level to remove them from the mouth and effectively clean the teeth & gums

2. Reduces tooth staining - Activated Charcoal absorbs the tanning, caused due to regular consumption of Tea, Coffee & Smoking, that binds to the teeth & causes stains.

3. Reduces Bad breath - The Carbon absorbing properties that remove plaque & tanning can too remove the bacteria that causes one to suffer from the bad breath


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Products Description

Bamboo Toothbrushes are ideal replacement to a conventional plastic toothbrush. Some of the distinct advantages of a Bamboo Toothbrush are as follows:
1. Natural Bamboo Product
2. Compostable brush handle
3. A sleek, natural look and feel
4. BPA-free bristles