Recycled Newspaper Pencil (Pack of 10)

Using Timber wood pencils leads to deforestation on a large scale, leading to adverse environmental crisis. Using recycle paper pencil helps in reducing the use of timber, which can directly create a huge positive impact on the environment

1. Eco-friendly:- These are made from 100% recycled paper. No trees are harmed to make these eco-friendly pencils thus reducing deforestation

2. Non Toxic:- Free from any kind of toxic chemicals/ polymers/ plastic, these are safe for kids.

3. Ergonomic Design:- Round in shape they are more comfortable for writing for longer times. They get their round shape because of the manufacturing process where the recycled paper is wrapped tightly around the graphite

4. Durable:- They do not break during sharpening. Paper pencils are strong and as good as wooden pencils.


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Rs. 50

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