Neem Wood Comb w/o Handle

Neem Wood Comb help condition your hair better. It helps the substance spread evenly, especially when it comes to oil and hair treatments. Neem Wood combs are also great in removing knots and tangles without too much pulling. Our kind-to-the-earth Neem Wood Comb is extremely lightweight, glides smoothly into the hair & and doesn’t create pesky static in your strands

1. Gentle On Hair: - Wooden combs are carbon based, just like your hair, skin and scalp. Since both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge, a wooden comb helps your hair lay down and gives it a smooth and glossy look

2. Naturally Nourishes Hair: - A wooden comb more easily distributes natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand because the oils are not sticking instead to the metal or plastic of a regular comb

3. Removes Dirt and Foreign Particles: - While gently combing hair with wood, dirt and foreign particles are brushed away from the hair. Metal and plastic combs with their high-static charge, allow dirt to stick to them and distribute the dirt over the hair.


Rs. 130

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Products Description

Neem Wood Combs - Detangler are (16 cm x 6 cm) in dimension. These combs are suitable alternative to the traditional plastic combs and helps in reducing plastic pollution.