Recycled Newspaper Seed Pencil (Pack of 10)

Using Plantable Pencils is the best way to give back to the nature. Since pencils are made of wood and graphite, each year huge number of trees are cut to make pencils. Main advantages of Plantable Pencils are as follows:-

1. Eco-Friendly:- No new materials are required in manufacturing these pencils, as we are reusing waste papers and protecting the environment. The paper is completely bio-degradable, so no pollution problem.

2. Reduced de-forestation:- These pencils are made from recycled paper and not from timber wood thus saving billions of trees to be cut down.

3. Increased Afforestation:- These pencils are embedded with vegetable/fruit/flower seeds. After the purpose of these pencils to be used as a writing instrument is served, we can just bury it in the mud pot and the seeds grow into new saplings or plants.

4. USE & GROW instead of USE & THROW:- Pencils have seeds at the back of them. Once too short to write, they can be grown into plants.

This is a great way to introduce sustainable & non-toxic stationery in Childrens’ life. This will help little ones to understand the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle at a very early age.


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