Kraft Paper Plantable Pen (Pack of 5)

Traditional plastic-based pens are a great threat to the environment. These eco-friendly pens are made from recycled cardboard and newspaper which are plastic-free. These Pens are being modelled as Use & Grow, instead of Use & Throw. Salient features of Kraft Paper Pens are as follows:-

1. Eco-Friendly:- No new materials are required in manufacturing these pens, as we are reusing waste papers and protecting the environment. The paper is completely bio-degradable, so no pollution problem.

2. Reduced de-forestation:- These pens are made from recycled paper and not from tree wood thus saving billions of trees to be cut down.

3. Increased Afforestation:- These pens are embedded with vegetable/fruit/flower seeds. After the purpose of these pens to be used as a writing instrument is served, we can just bury it in the mud pot and the seeds grow into new saplings or plants.

4. USE & GROW instead of USE & THROW:- Pen have seeds at the back of them. Once too short to write or the pen is out of ink, they can be grown into plants.


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