About Us

Bamboo Haat is intended to contribute towards the global objective of having a Clean & Green Environment. To achieve this objective, Bamboo Haat aims to have a large scale transformation in human beings’ habits of using eco-friendly products in daily lives.

Our Mission

The main reason for the existence of Bamboo Haat – a Social Entrepreneurship, is to replace daily usage Plastic Products with Eco-friendly & Bio-degradable Products, thus providing health benefits to human beings while reducing Air Pollution, Water Pollution & Land pollution

Our Vision

To reduce Plastic Waste & Save Mother Earth.


1. Bamboo is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable material
2. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant & can regrow to adult size in 60 days
3. Bamboo is Strong, Durable & light in Weight
4. Bamboo is 100% bio-degradable & can grow without fertilizers
5. Bamboo is Super Absorbent with Odour & Mould resistant
6. Bamboo is UV resistant & more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture
7. Bamboo is Anti-fungal & releases 35% more Oxygen into the atmosphere

We Promise You

24 X 7 Support

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Best Quality

Our first concern is offering exceptional, high-quality products, thus we conduct sufficient checks before sending the goods to avoid giving our customers a poor experience.

Fast Delivery

We have partnered with top logistics companies to ensure rapid delivery across all of India because we are conscious of the urgency of the commodities that clients have ordered through our platform. This has allowed for quicker & safer deliveries of items.

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